An interesting viewpoint on love…

Love is giving your everything to someone , regardless 

This kind of stuck in my side. Yes , love should be giving yourself to someone whole-heartedly that is one of the most beautiful things about love, sharing things that you wouldnt share with anyone else. 

It’s the “regardless” point I have on issue with…

Love is about give and take….yes take. I said it! People are too afraid to be selfish in relationships today. Especially in the queer community. 

From my experiences of the lesbian dating scene , women (and I’m generalising here, I apologise now to those exempt from this!!) throw themselves 150% into a relationship from the beginning, in a very selfless act of pure devotion to their partner. 

Otherwise known as the U-haul phenomena!! 


This is great….however there comes a point where you need something back. You can only give so much before you’ve got nothing else to give…you’re drained; mentally and physically. 

If you have someone who reciprocates your adoration then your tank is “refilled” and the relationship blossoms…

Its when you get a partner who just take take takes….and you, being blinded by your devotion, can’t see it , or don’t want to admit to seeing it. ( butch pride is a delicate thing! ) 

That’s when people get hurt and relationships turn into messy breakups/downs!!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we should be reserved with our affections and emotions, until we are certain that we will get back what we put in…like a good investment plan!! 

It sounds awful…but this kind of self preservation is the only way ( that I’ve found anyways ) that prevents people using and abusing your giving nature. 

So girls….

  1. Hold back on the devotion!
  2. Take off those rose-tinted glasses
  3. Be honest with yourself ….do you feel you’re getting back what you’re putting in?
  4. Don’t be afraid to be a little selfish!! Your happiness is just as important as theirs!




2 thoughts on “An interesting viewpoint on love…

  1. So, so true – and I’ve been guilty of this myself. It’s hard to be a little “selfish”, but it’s really not being selfish, it’s just acknowledging that a relationship has both a give and take side.


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