Why is it when good things come along there is always an evil little gremlin of bad karma clinging onto its ankle like a demon toddler….

It happens every time….every single time something good happens. 

Its difficult to stay optimistic…. even though people say positive thinking attracts postitive things….I beg to differ….what about magnetism?? hmmmmm?

If I think positively negative things are attracted to me….mind you in that case my negative thoughts should attract positive things……ok maybe that theory is slightly flawed.

Am just pissed off….for example , I’ve been offered an amazing job great hours , great pay, but I cant get to the bloody training ….like its physically impossible….I’ve requested that they email me the training so I can do it and send it back…so fingers crossed. 


Getting a job is a big deal for me with all my health crap….I just wish I could actually get going with it….cross your fingers for me guys…pray to whoever it is you pray to for me…need all the help I can get !! 

Much Love xxxx



2 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Hey there, keep your chin up, things *can* still work out – you’re right, the universe does like to play nasty tricks, but not all the time.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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