The definition of a butch woman

These are a few definitions of Butch women I found on the net:

“Butch: Used as an adjective – “I’m butch” or “I’m a butch woman” as opposed to a noun “I am a Butch”. A culturally defined masculine female. The masculine gender expression can fall anywhere on a continuum that includes any and all of the following: masculine mannerisms, male clothing, haircuts, tastes, interest pursuits, thought processes and view of the world. May or may not be sexually aggressive (do-er vs. receivers). Is comfortable with the term “woman” as applied to themselves. Runs the gamut from “butchy woman” to “soft butch”, “butch woman” “butch”.” (

“butch (bʊtʃ)


1. Slang.

a. (of a woman) having traits of behavior usu. associated with males.
b. (of a male) exaggeratedly masculine in manner.
2. of or designating a haircut in which the hair is closely cropped.

n. 3. Slang. a butch person.  ” (




5 thoughts on “The definition of a butch woman

  1. I’d love to know where I fit within the butch label. Somedays I look butch, Somedays like a lip stick lesbian and others like Justin Bieber haha!


  2. So, what is your definition and how do you fit into it?
    I think of it as more of a gender identity/expression thing than a sexual/dating identity, but I’m also seriously attracted to femmes and I’m in a relationship with someone who IDs as femme/


    • I agree with you on the gender expression side and I am quite fond of the term “masculine of centre” as it describes how you feel on the inside. I’ve met many woman who externally would be seen as femme but in their behaviour and interactions in relationships display as very butch. I think butch is a state of mind and way of life. I would say I’m probably “soft butch” as I have days where my dress isn’t exactly butch but inside I am most definitely butch.


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