emotions,  everyone has them. Man woman child old young black or white.  So why are they such a taboo?
The traditional view of a butch lesbian is of someone guarded with their emotions. You’d never see a butch cry or whine about anything…..always a picture of class and composure. 

Whether this is good or bad is up for debate …I just hate it when you get the two sided coin phenomenon. 

You meet a handsome butch who is all poise and composure, then as soon as you get into a relationship they turn into a blubbering nightmare!
I’m all for sharing feelings and opening up to each other but to have such a drastic difference between the person you met and the person you’re having a relationship with is a little overwhelming. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is I find it sad that people feel they need to put up such a front. Why can people not just be themselves.

Is it because of societal pressure or is it because they are trying to conform to the “butch” stereotype

Everyone should be free to express themselves with no judgement, with no need for false fronts or bravado.


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