Babbling bafoon…

Why is it when you see that person you turn into a gibbering idiot!!

The stupid thing is she’s not even that great… she has her flaws but good god when she looks at me…. jelly… I actually turn into jelly. 

Working with her is interesting… I haven’t worked paired with her but I’ve been on the same shift and the butterflies are crippling!

What am I going to do!!!

I don’t even know if she’s gay,  single or even a nice person.  But good god those eyes… and that walk… is it possible to have a crush on someone’s swagger? 

Oh god that’s what it is…. a crush!! 
Jeeez… I’m nearly thirty and have a school girl crush… I don’t know if that’s sweet or just tragic…

Answers on a postcard lol xxx


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