Buying hairspray….

Had the most hilarious experience/revelation today infront of a shelf full of hairspray….

“Mesmerising hold”
“Obsessive fixation”

And other equally creepy completely over the top names,  when I commented..

Jeez…. these sound like my past relationships!!

Completely true!!  Nearly all of my past relationships have been dysfunctional in some shape or form. 

Is it because I enjoy the challenge of a tumultuous relationship….

Do I have an obsession with people as random and sporadic as myself…

Or do I just attract those types of people?

I have no idea…  if any of my friends or exes (or both) have any ideas please please let me know!! 

I almost need feedback forms to handout to people to find out where I’m going wrong!?!?


All I can say is I came back with a can of hairspray saying…

24 hour hold

Maybe I’m evolving  😉


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