Hot sweaty butch

I think I’ve mentioned before how, in this hot muggy British summer we’re having, my appearance does not come across as stereotypically “butch”.

This hurts my brain a little,  but the only things I am comfortable in are maxi dresses, skirts leggings etc. Things that my butch partner would never dream of wearing!

It gets me thinking though as to what makes someone butch?

Can you be butch and wear frilly underwear?

Can you be butch and still wear make-up?

Can you be butch and have long hair??

All these unspoken rules and regulations on butch expression.

I’m of the mindset though that you can express yourself however you damn well like!

Jeez it’s a whole different environment for the LGBT+  community now,  with a massive media surge of our trans and gender free brothers and sisters. 

When I was writing a post like this last year average Joe public had very little knowledge on gender expression…. How things have changed.

It feels like nowadays ( in the UK anyways) you can be who you want to be and not worry about abuse or connotations. 

I suppose it challenges my own personal identity,  being given this freedom to be who you want to be, it makes you evaluate yourself. 

Who am I

Now that’s a scary thought!!! 


4 thoughts on “Hot sweaty butch

    • I know this, but it is also an important tool for self expression. One can feel a little “castrated” ( if you will) walking around in a dress. However I sometimes find it quite liberating, breaking societal stereotypes.


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