Masculinity Musings 

I have been experiencing what can only be described as “cravings” for what the scene calls twinks

I’ve often had innocent flirtations with gay guy friends on the scene,  however this is an entirely different feeling. 

An urgent predatory sensation. It’s an incredibly confusing feeling. I have always been rather pansexual with my choice of partner; and in my dalliances with men in the past I have always gone for the hyper-masculine type of guy…..

Beard,  bald head, muscles the works…

So why are these lithe young guys drawing my attention??  

Maybe their stereotypical submissiveness calls to my domme side. As whenever I am off in my imagination I am most definitely “The Top”.  

I’d love to know if any other butch/M.O.C women have experienced these feelings before. 

I think the only time I’ve heard of such a change in “appetite” is with transguys, who find themselves attracted to men after dating women all their lives. 

Any experiences or advice would be gladly received!!  


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