So it’s happened….

I honestly didn’t think the powers that be would allow this to happen,  but it has.

My thoughts go out to those people who came here looking for a new start and a positive future, and the future plans to “review their migrant status”… Something which sounds suspiciously sinister. 

Those people who work hard everyday to keep our country going.  The cleaners the porters the carers the farm workers and many many more jobs that our citizens simply don’t want to do. 

( I’m not saying EU migrants have solely lower wage jobs,  of course there are a wide plethora of different skilled persons) 

I don’t know how to put into words how I feel about this all,  without coming across as insulting to one party or another. 

Disappointed,  scared, ashamed of our country….

If this is how they feel about immigrants how long is it going to be before they start on the rest of the minorities. 

As an openly gay woman I do feel a sense of foreboding after this vote.

I suddenly feel uncomfortable in a country I have called home.

I have never had any faith in government full stop but this really has put a nail in the coffin as it were….

Canada…. I’m on my way!!


The definition of a butch woman

These are a few definitions of Butch women I found on the net:

“Butch: Used as an adjective – “I’m butch” or “I’m a butch woman” as opposed to a noun “I am a Butch”. A culturally defined masculine female. The masculine gender expression can fall anywhere on a continuum that includes any and all of the following: masculine mannerisms, male clothing, haircuts, tastes, interest pursuits, thought processes and view of the world. May or may not be sexually aggressive (do-er vs. receivers). Is comfortable with the term “woman” as applied to themselves. Runs the gamut from “butchy woman” to “soft butch”, “butch woman” “butch”.” (

“butch (bʊtʃ)


1. Slang.

a. (of a woman) having traits of behavior usu. associated with males.
b. (of a male) exaggeratedly masculine in manner.
2. of or designating a haircut in which the hair is closely cropped.

n. 3. Slang. a butch person.  ” (



Marooned Relationships

I’m back again!  From my crazy hectic life of drama drama drama ….

I swear one day I’ll sort my life out and hold a steady job, or god forbid a relationship!

A friend of mine spouted this the other day,  whilst discussing my relationship woes;

” Well that’s just the way with gay relationships … they never last very long”

I was mortified and shocked to hear this but it got me thinking.  Damn….she’s got a point.

The majority of my homosexual relationships have been rather short sharp intense hits of romance, lust and inevitability heartache. Is it just me though or do others have the same experiences?

I’d like to think there’s some people out there who are going steady and I’m sure there are. Maybe it’s just down to the fact I came out relatively late (18 years old) and I’m still finding out who I am and what I need.

I’ll get there one day.  I think my message is just hang in there and believe in yourself.